How do I use BTAFPay?

For members:
Prior to purchasing a product or service with your BTAF tokens, please ensure that you have enough BTAF tokens and also BNB in your Metamask wallet. You will need a small amount of BNB to be used as gas. Then, select your product from the online store, go to your cart and select BTAF Pay as the payment method from the options. The number of tokens you need to send will be automatically calculated for you. Connect your MetaMask wallet and make the payment (Please ensure you use the BSC network to send the tokens – there will be a warning if you are using the wrong network.)

For Business and Merchants:
BTAF Pay has been designed to offer a convenient payment gateway for your project or business.
Accept payments in the form of cryptocurrencies, through governed smart contracts, and have payment processed directly into your wallet. This feature is coming soon, please contact us for details.

Have a look at the video below for the steps on how to pay via BTAFPay on


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