What are the official Telegram Channels and Groups for BTAF token?

Please visit this link for an up to date list of our official social channels: https://linktr.ee/taftoken

How do I join the BTAF token telegram channels

Please click on the links below to join the Channel and Group Chat. Our Telegram Channel is a one way Channel where we send updates, but no chatting is allowed. Our Telegram Group chat is our official chat with Moderators

How do I turn off the ability for scammers to add me to other fake telegram channels?

Go to your Settings > Privacy and Security > Groups & channels > Choose My Contacts OR Choose who to always allow or never allow. See the screenshots below for a more detailed explanation. Step 1: In your Telegram account,

How do I report Scammers on Telegram?

If a scammer is pretending to be our channel or an official moderator, please contact and report the scammer to @NoToScam on Telegram.  You can also send a message via our official Telegram Chat to inform us of a scammer.

Who are the official Moderators of the Telegram BTAF token channels?

💥WE WILL NOT DM YOU FIRST OR ASK FOR FUNDS💥 Official moderators are @Arshi_078, @SharayCrypto, @DonaCN, @Gingo_Ninjo & @strookie. Official Community Manager is @CharleneGypseygirl who are there to assist in answering your questions. If you are unsure of anything, please pop

What do I do when Moderators send me a DM (Direct Message) on Telegram?

Tag them in our official Telegram Chat and continue the conversation there. 💥WE WILL NOT DM YOU FIRST OR ASK FOR FUNDS💥

How do I contact Telegram to assist with issues

Follow this link for a comprehensive breakdown of FAQ’s from Telegram directly. https://telegram.org/faq