Time to clean up! Unstaking FAQs

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When the party is over and it’s time to clean up…this is what to expect:


Is there a penalty for unstaking?

You can unstake your tokens without a penalty provided that the contract
has reached the maturation date.
Unstaking penalties do apply however if you unstake before the contract matures.
Please see the Staking t’s & c’s section of the website for more information — coming soon.

If I have unclaimed rewards after I have unstaked my tokens can I still claim them?

Yes, you can! Claiming rewards and unstaking tokens are two separate processes.

What happens if I don’t unstake my tokens or rewards after the contract reaches maturation?

Nothing. Your tokens are safe and sound in the contract until you unstake/claim them. However, rewards stop accumulating after the contract expires.

Now that we’ve covered the finer details, look out for our announcement post as to when this all goes live! 🥳🔥

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