Infura Privacy Concerns And How To Fix (Adding Custom Network & RPC To Your Metamask)

Infura sparks Privacy Concerns over new
Privacy Policy (and How to Fix)

ConsenSys has informed users that it set to collect additional data from those using its popular Infura tool, attracting criticism on social media in the process.

Infura is an API-based tool that allows users to connect their application to the Ethereum network, which provides the basis for many key Web3 projects, such as Aragon, Gnosis, OpenZeppelin, and ConsenSys’s own flagship wallet service Metamask – see full article
Although this may be concerning at first glance, it is actually a really quick and simple fix. I replaced my RPC in under 2 minutes with this simple resource, selecting My Ether Wallet (MEW) node personally though do your research and of course, not financial advice.

In the video below, I take you through my personal standpoint on the situation and how to quickly fix it.

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