How to add BTAF Token to Metamask (Mobile)

  1. Find the ‘Import tokens’ link from your wallet homepage. Tap it to bring up the menu for adding tokens.


  2. Switch over to the ‘Custom token’ tab. Now you’ll see three fields asking for the token’s contract address, its symbol, and ‘Token of Precision’ (i.e. how many decimal places it can go down to).


  3. Find the token address and paste it into the first field. The symbol and decimals should autofill:
    Contract: 0xcAE3d82D63e2b0094bc959752993D3D3743B5D08Ticker: BTAFDecimals: 18

    If they don’t, head to the network’s block explorer and search for the token or find the information HERE. On its page, you can easily find its symbol and decimals.

  4. Tap ‘Import’ to add it to your wallet. You’ll be redirected back to your wallet homepage and be able to see it under the ‘tokens’ tab.

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